Produits prédécoupés 


  • perforated sheets

    Find our best sellers, among a selection of classic perforated sheets or ask for your specific request to be made following your own measures. You can order through a wide range of paper :  more than 30 different colours are available, 5 different weight fron 80g/sqm to 250 gr/sqm and formats from A3 to A8 are available including any specific original cuts.

  • detachable
  • classic sized papers

    In ths section you'll find in 40 colors and from 80 grammes all the papers you want in A4, A5, A6, A3, triangles, rectangles and squares. 

  • Bristol Note Cards

    Bristol Paper in 30 different colours and various formats from A8 to A4.

    Order from 100 units. Ideal for handwriting notes or for printing. Ideal for marketing report files, special files, customers files, archiving, ranking on mural calendars. Thanks to our range of 30 different colours you will make the difference in your presentations, course, learning methods. You will give to your colleagues, students, audience, clarity and understanding.

    Our Bristol sheets are available in 5 different formats and with taylor made sizes :  A4, A5, A6, A7 and A8 or ... simply taylor made. You have a specific request? or you want to have a mixed colour variation simply call our customer service or write to